Adoption Services

If you choose adoption, we will guide you through the adoption process. Our adoption counselors can help you assess what you want and need throughout your pregnancy. Our adoption support services include:

Ongoing Counseling
We are here to provide you with free, neutral and confidential services through every step of your pregnancy. We are available by phone at your convenience and are always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Providing Referrals

As a licensed adoption agency, we are able to assist with connecting you to pregnancy-related services and addressing any pregnancy-related needs. If you choose adoption, your individual adoption counselor will identify any needed resources.

Community Resources

LSC can help you access the benefits for which you may be eligible such as Medicaid, housing assistance, food stamps, WIC and more. We can also assist you in obtaining the documents you need to apply for benefits.

Choosing A Family
As part of the adoption process, your individual adoption counselor will work with you to identify the characteristics you believe to be best fit for your child. LSC can also help you determine what, if any, level of ongoing contact you would like to maintain with the family, and negotiate an agreement with an identified adoptive family. We will be with you every step of the way in selecting the right adoptive family.

Support After Delivery
LSC will facilitate the legal process to finalize the adoption. Our commitment to you continues beyond the birth of your baby. We will continue to provide support after delivery and provide additional referrals as needed to the community. If you would like, LSC can put you in touch with other birth mothers who may share similar experiences. And, depending on the level of openness you choose for the adoption, you may continue to stay in touch with the adoptive family as well.